Whatsminer M30S with PSU


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ATTENTION: This product will be available for pre-order soon. For more details, please contact sales@pangolinminer.com


Whatsminer M30S is ASIC miner for SHA-256 Algorithm, it can mine Bitcoin or Bitcoin cash with hashrate of 88Th/s (+-5%). Power consumption is 3344W (+-10%).

Product Name
WhatsMiner M30S-88T
Hash Rate 88T±5%
Power Ratio
Reference Power on Wall
Power Specifications
P21, 200~277VAC 20A MAX, 3300W
Working Temperature -5℃ ~ 35℃
Dimensions 390mm(L) x 150mm(W) x 225mm(H)
Net Weight 10.5 KG
Network Connection Ethernet


*PANGOLINMINER reserves all right for final explanation.

Additional information

Weight 12.5 kg

88 Th/s (+-5%)

Power Consumption

3344W (+-10%) @ 88 Th/s


390mm(L) x 150mm(W) x 225mm(H)



Chips Quantity

444 Pcs on 3 Hashboard

Chips Process Technology

8nm Samsung

Working Temperature

-5℃ ~ 35℃


180 days after shipment


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How much profit can i earn in a day by mining Bitcoin?

With this calculator, you can calculate the daily earnings from mining.

For example, in September 4th, 2019, if you use the Whatsminer M20S-68T (68 TH/s @ 3260W) with an electricity cost of $0.06/Kw you can mine 0.001618 bitcoin (which is worth 12.43USD) in one day.  You will see the details as the picture showns below.

However this calculation might be outdated as Bitcoin’s difficulty changes every two weeks. It’s best to run a new calculation before starting to mine with updated stats.

When will the order be shipped?

This product will be available for pre-order soon. For more details, please contact sales@pangolinminer.com

How can I pay for the orders?

The available payment methods are Bitcoin, USD Wire Transfer and RMB(Chinese Yuan) Wire Transfer.


Dose the plan include PSU(Power supply unit)?

Yes, PSU is included. Please notice our PSU can only works in 176~264V condition.

Does the plan include a power cable?

Yes. A black China 16A-250V C19 power cable with 1.5 meters length is shipped with the miner.

How can I get your wire transfer account?

Please contact invoice@pangolinminer.com after your order has been placed.

Can I get discount for ordering in bulks?

Currently we have discount rate for order volume larger than 100pcs. You can contact sales@pangolinminer.com for bulk purchase.

Can I have local pickups?

Yes, you can have local pickup in our Hongkong & Shenzhen(Mainland China) warehouse. Our staff will provide you pickup bill 3~5 days before you can pickup in our warehouse.

How to configure the miner?

Please will learn it from the user guide here: https://pangolinminer.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000316761-Whatsminer-M20S-User-Guides-Solutions