STEP1 : Select Products

For the first step, you need to find the product you want to order inside the SHOP menu. Product are the same, but with different shipout date, the price will be different. (The more approach to shipout date, the price will be higher)


step1:select the product you want to order

STEP2 : Select Quantity and Add to Cart

Select the quantity you want to order, and click add to cart button


step2: select quantity

STEP3 : Confirm order and shipment Details

We can ship to most of countries world wide. You can select the country or region on the cart page to check the shipping methods available and the cost.

We also provide Local pick up service in Shenzhen and Hong Kong. If there are no shipping methods for you region, you can arrange your agent come to pick up and take the goods back to you.

Confirm the order details in the box, and choose shipment method. Then click Proceed to checkout


step3: order confirmation

STEP4 : Fill in information and Create Account

Fill in the blank with * mark, and choose CREATE AN ACCOUNT if you don’t have one. (Please login if you have already account registered). After that, choose a payment method you prefer and click place order.


step4: Fill in information and place order

STEP5 : Make Payment

Cryptocurrency payment

You can check the amount and payment address need to paid in this page. Then you can use address or QRcode to pay.

Please make payment with exact amount in 30minutes, otherwise the order will be expired.

Other payment methods

We also accept Wire Transfer from from S&P Rate A countries, company account.  For our bank details, please contact after your order is placed.

* We do not accept Paypal and credit card for payment.


step5: Payment Processing Page 

STEP6 : Payment Confirmation Page

After payment, it will inform you that the order has been received.

However,it will take a while until we confirm the order in our back end.

Your payment details will be showed in the bottom of the page.

Amount unconfirmed means payment found in the network, but didn’t reach us yet.

Your order total means the amount you need to pay.

And amount received mean the amount already reached us.


step6: Payment Successful information

Notes for Order and Payments

Bank transfer (USD)
Bank transfer in USD is only avaialble for the account in certain regions/areas. Our accounting manager ( will contact you for KYC (Know Your Customer) process before checking out.


Bank transfer/WeChat Pay/Alipay (CNY) Payment
We currently accept Bank transfer/WeChat Pay/Alipay(Chinese version) in RMB (Chinese Yuan). After making order, our accounting manager ( will send an invoice include payment details to your inbox within 12 hours.


BTC Payment
BTC is available for payment on our site, the rate will updated automatically every 30 minutes based on average value of multiple exchanges. For more issue about crypto currency payment, please send email to


Pending Payment / Processing / Cancel Status

  • Pending Payment Could be showed in below situation
    – Payment hasn’t been made
    – Payment has made but didn’t reach us yet
  • Processing Could be showed in below situation
    – We have received your payment, and your order has been secured
  • Cancel Could be showed in below situation
    – Your order has been cancelled due to delayed payment ( above 20~45minutes depending on Blockchain network condition)
    – You have cancelled the order by yourself


What should i do if i have made payment, but order is still cancelled?

You need to forward your TXID and ORDER number to

Or use below link for submitting a Payment Ticket by below link:

Usually, we will change your order from cancelled to processing after 1 confirmation


What should i do if i have made payment but no successful information show on the screen?

This situation usually shows when you are using Wallet from Exchanges (Coinbase,Bitstamp etc…)

These exchanges usually make transaction during specific time of one days, so the payment procedure will be delayed a lot.

**Usually, once you have made the payment, broadcasting will be generated immediately on blockchain network. And we won’t cancel your order if we find existing broadcasting.

To avoid delayed payment issue, we strongly recommend you to use wallet from BLOCKCHAIN.INFO and BTC.COM