STEP1 : Select Hosting in Checkout Page

In the cart page,you will see an option of

Hosting at Pangolin Mining Farm (China)

Select it, we will ship your order to our mining farm for hosting.

The price include the shipment to the mining farm in Szechuan, China.


step1:select hosting service

STEP2 : Receive Notification about the order

A notification will be sent to you once we confirmed on your hosting request.

Then miner will be shipped to our mining farms according to the time we specified in the order.

And it will take around 1 week to reach our mining farm after shipped out.


step2: Receive notification

STEP3 : Confirm Terms and Enroll Wallet Address

You will receive  < Hosting Agreement > about the hosting service. (will send to you by email)

You need to confirm on the terms and provide us a valid wallet address for mining.


step2: Agree with terms and condition

STEP4 : Pay For Electricity

You will received a link for paying electricity bill each month. You can pay with BITCOIN or USD.

Renewal date will be the first day of each month.


step4: Pay for electricity bill


Where is the agreement for hosting?


What is the Rate you are Charging?


Can i withdraw my miner with my sole decision?

Yes,absolutely. But you need to inform us 30 days in advance, and complete payment of current billing circle with us.


What do i need to provide for hosting?

We only need your bitcoin wallet address, thats all. And also your contact method for sending bills and notifications.

How to pay for the hosting service?

You can pay to us by Paypal,Wire Transfer and Bitcoin.

Will Pangolinminer custody my miners?

No, even you don’t pay us electricity bill.

In that case you have to come to our mining farm and carry them back by yourself, without any transportation and helping hands.

I have already purchased miner somewhere else, how can i host?

Please send email to

Can i choose the pool i want to use?

Yes, you can use any pool you like, but we will recommend since it is very stable in China.