About Team Pangolinminer

Team Pangolinminer is founded in year 2016. Locate in Shenzhen,China.And now serving below sector of Blockchain industry.

Crypto Currency Miner

Pangolinminer start business in blockchain as Miner in early 2016. Till now, we have our miner portfolio including Whatsminer (BTC) and Pangolinminer (ETH).

Miner Distributor

Team Pangolinminer has made a joint venture with Whatsminer Company in year 2017. In this case, we has became the official overseas distributor of Whatsminer series. Until now, we have already sold 20,000 whatsminer M1 and M3 around the world.

Also, we are official representative of MinerOS for overseas market. Currently, we have already successfully embed MinerOS into our Pangolinminer P2 model.

Hosting Service Provider

We have also built our two farms in YUNNAN and SZECHUAN province of CHINA. By the end of year 2017, we have already help 1,000 + clients hosting around 30,000 miners in our two farms.

Cooperate Request

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Our plan in year 2018

Due to political changes will happen in China, we plan to move our hosting and financial service sector to country where political environment more stable. But also can provide abundant cheap electricity. Our plan can major conclude in below 2 subject.

Open Overseas Mining Farms

We plan to open 2~3 farms with 15K miners before Q2 of year 2018. The new farms will be in region where politic more stable. And government keep an open-mind towards Blockchain Technology.

Cloud Mining and Exchanges Service

After farms settled down in new regions, we will start providing cloud mining service with our self owned miner.

Also, we will provide exchanges service to Client who has restriction of trading Bitcoin in originate country, (e.g CHINA)

What do we need from Partners?

We want below resource from our partners. Not all condition are necessary.

Legal Representative & Entity in Local Region

We want our partner stand for a Legal Entity in local region, and helping us avoid non-legit issue in the region.

Politic Stable Area (NA,SG,JP,CA,EU,AU,NZ)

We want our partner locate in region that political opening to Blockchain business

Abundant Power Supply

We need a lot power supply for mining proposal. Megawatt level power supply is desired

Good price of Electricity

Our electricity consumption is very huge, in that case. It will be very easy to apply for discount rate from Power company.  ( <0.039 USD/kwh is expecting)

Infrastructure Setup

We want your help for setting up the Infrastructure. We can provide considerable financial support. But labor support must be achieved from partner side

What’s the benefit can be provided?

As the return of resource provided by our partners. We will provide benefits as below.

The Electricity Price Difference you can earn

You can earn the difference between power company and our buy price.

Profit from our existing Chinese Clients (Miner relocating to your Region)

We will help our existing hosting client relocate the new farm in your location. In that case, we will charge for relocating services, you can also get some profit from that.

Profit from our Mining Service (Cloud Mining, and Bundled Hosting with Miner)

We will charge client for Admin and Operational cost per miner. Which you can also share a portion of profit.

Profit from Financial Operation (Exchanges,Arbitrage)

We may setup exchange service in your local region. And we require for legal operation condition in your region. If you can provide us help about that, we can share portion of profit to you in further operations