Affiliate Program

Join Pangolinminer Affiliate Program

Refer clients to pangolinminer and earn $55 for each purchase. It couldn’t be more simple.


How the program works?

Simply promote Pangolinminer on your channel with custom links. For every visitor who clicks through these links and make purchase in 180 days, your receive $55 for each purchase. The more you do so, the more you make!

How to start affiliate with us?

Sign up for our affiliate program

Fill the form at the right side to signup for our affiliate.

Generate Promote Link

Go to Marketing > Campaign page and create a new campaign.

Then go to Marketing > Affiliate Links page for generating promotional link

Payout Setting

Go to Profile > Payment setting

Fill the “Bank Transfer Details” with your Bank Information,Paypal Account or BTC/BCH address,

we will make payout to the account that you left in the box.


  1. How often will you make payout?

    We will make payout to our affiliate once a weeks. If payout doesn’t reach you, please contact for help from our financial department.
  2. Whats the minimum payout amount?

    A minimum payout amount is 50USD. That means you need to refer at least  1 client for payout.
  3. How does the referral link works?

    Once a client click on the affiliate link generate from our system. In 180 days, all the purchase from him will be recorded in our system as your referral sales. (Unless cookies has been clean)

    If our system didn’t record your referral sales. You can ask us to look into that sales. We will still credit the sales as your referral as long as you can provide below information:

    – Order Number
    – Client’s Email Address